12/1 - 18/1/2014 weekly news review

New week starts with the political parties showing their preelectional tv ads ignoring regulations that prohibit the appearance - exploitation of children for party promotional purposes .

On Tuesday 13/1/2015, with Greece being in a known miserable situation, news from Turkey are arriving. Its about the growth of about 3% with official target of the Turkish government to 3.3 % ! Later this day the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided to declare Holy Mount Athos Elder Paisios as a Saint !

Wednesday 14/1/2015. Tragic local news came from the city of Taurus in Attica. A man suicided by falling on the suburban railway. Workers had a difficult job in order to restore the circulation of the electric railway. At the same time a call about a bomb in the Court of Appeal of Athens was just a joke as ussual ...

At the next day, the tragic death of a 22y.o. truck driver was known. The young man died in the 25th Klm of Trikala to Ioannina highway with a destination to Patra. This frigo-truck was overthrown are investigating the cause. What causes that is? There are no good roads in our country. At the same time the death of the young man didnt stopped Antonis Samaras from visiting the city of Peristeri to meet the townhall. Ungry citizens managed to shout at him.

Friday the 16th and Athens Stock Exchange were on a fall of 800 units while colleagues of Christodoulos Xiros were arrested and in the politics scene Fotis Kouvelis tryes to prove to anyone that DIM.AR. party must have a place on the Hellenic Parliament.

Saturday the 17th started with the good news coming from the U.S.A. . The legendary Muhammad Ali , exited from the hospital after an infection he had. In Europe and basically in Belgium, soldiers replaced the police force of the country in specific places cause of the fear of any attack from jihadists. Acore of such extremists was dismantled. At the same time in Greece, Alexis Tsipras and other passengers faced problems with their flight to Ioannina. Finally, they all travelled with a non problematic place to the capital of Epirus.

The week ends with a difficult victory of AEK FC Athens in the match versus Alimos Football Club. The scorre was 0-1 with a lost pentalty kick and an new penalty to give the win in the 91st minute of the game. Meanwhile, police reports that a gang of burglars was arrested. They were active in Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Imathia and Chalkidiki areas.

That was the weekly review till Sunday 18/1/2015. More news, next week ! 

12/1 - 18/1/2014 weekly news review
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