We are here for you !

Hey viewers !

Proagelos.gr is here for you ! OK, we can admit that most of the content of this blog is written in Greek but we promised that we will have a section so as to give infos to all of you, the international viewers of this webblog.

Of course there is a long time that we have to upload an article written in English and we apologise about this. We will try to give our best in order to post as many articles as we can.

This summer we were in Zante and we had the opportunity to chat with many people coming in this beautiful island of the Ionian Sea, for their vacations. Many of you, have shown their interest so as to receive news about whatever happends in Greece cause of the economic crisis.

We noticed that you wanna know news from our country by different kind of sources, like blogs. Word of mouth is a method that attracts you as we can understand. This is citizens journalism. This is blogging. This is PROAGELOS.GR ! We 're gonna be your infotainment source.

We will transfer the news to you with a simple - everyday language and not with the strict way that all media do. We wanna be a part of you !

So, what about news now ...
You all know what happens here in Greece, elections, referendums and extra elections. The losers of all these things are the Greek citizens cause goverments placed the memorandum in our country and we still have memorandum, austerity, unemployment, illegal immigrants coming and going but we Greeks, as a nation, are still alive and we will stay alive in spite of all those who wanna see Greece in ruins as soon as possible !

Anyway, we exist and we will transfer the news in our way !

Keep calm and stay online !

We are here for you !
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