Still in the same place ...

A year have passed, a new year have come ...and together with the last year, the first month of the new year passed so quick but left us the same sour taste in our lips, just like 2015 did. 

I know and you can understand that my editorials are not so often posted. I wish I could post much more in English but my everyday life makes me observe what is happening around me and post my opinion when ever I feel I have something to say.

Unfortunatelly, I dont have something happy to say about what's happening in my country. Same shit - different day, people use to say ... Nothing positive around ... No jobs, starvation, no money, no future ...and the saddest, nobody talks just like it seems that everything is O.K. !

Houston we have a problem ! Nobody talks !!! Farmers are protesting and they block the main highways.The reason why ? The insurance issues for every Greek person, not only them. Scientists "in a tie uniform" seem to be in the same place protesting ... Pensions are getting lower and lower but old people DO NOT REACT ! ...they know that in their age, the possibility of being dead is much more day by day. So they quit of life in a way like telling everyone that youngsters have the power now, we can't do anything more... but the unemployment of the young people is over the limit of the sky !

In the world of the Greek media, all people working in the media industry wonder about what is gonna happen with the decision of the parliament about the function licenses of the panhellenic viewed TV stations, just like this is the main problem that Greece is facing. People still don't react. We may not have food to eat but we have TV channels to view ...damn !!!

Disorganization in Greece, place our country in the first place of the top ten most hated counties in the planet ! Cyprus (Greek origin people too, do not forget this...), announced that they will exit from their memorandum program. WTF is happening in this damn land called Greece and our politicians cannot cooperate to solve our damn economic problem all this years ? Two are the answers. 1. THEY DONT WANT TO FIND A SALVATION 2. Cypriots were not in a "yes men" position in comparison with our politicians ... 

Left wing's new joke is that Greece is gonna improve its economy in 2016 ! We laugh till we die now !!! Let's see what is gonna happen. Many people talk about new elections but the question is ... are new elections the way to solve our problems? I think not ...

We still remain in the same place... waiting for something good to happen. Maybe finally, an atomic bomb will destroy anything in here and Greece will reborn from its ruins ! 

Greece is dieing ! God bless Greeks ! 
Still in the same place ...
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