Coincidence? I think not...

Oh God ! I was developing my blog and I had to think what is gonna happen with the English section of blog posts that are not too often updated.

So while reading the previous blog post I realized that many of the thoughts written remain the same till now. For example, I wrote about the decision that the goverment have to take about the panhellenic TV stations licenses. Coincidence? I think not...

We are talking about development in our county for over 5 years and nothing happens. Maybe, in the years of memorandum that we live, Greek politics are satisfied to see the people being in a bad position day by day.

Last summer I had the opportunity to work in Zante and chat daily with many tourists from many different places around the Globe. One of them, a very kind British man, was asking me about WTF is going on in my country. I wish i could give him a proper answer. Greek people are getting more and more confused day by day and know something... Greek media don't help so as to hear some good news... lets say, about economy.

We are almost in the end of days of the Greek summer for 2016. Some friends were thinking about working abroad and some others managed to leave the building and fly, with the U.K. to be their  number one destination.

I also look for Greek speaking jobs abroad, just like being a customer care representative or something like this. I may seek about the way to edit my own passport and maybe become a member of the "brain drain" club of Greeks ...but remember, I will never stop blogging!

I will look forward to return back with more English blog posts here in proagelos.gr.

Until then, stay tuned and use a translation widget!

I have more to say...

Coincidence? I think not...
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